My name is Luca van Boeckel and I am inspired by the natural world around us. Growing up in the Swedish forest made a deep impact on me as a child. An impact that I carry with me as an artist and as teacher.

Besides nature, I am inspired by different cultures from around the world. The shortest way to learn more about oneself, is by getting to know people from other walks of life.

My five-month journey through Japan (including a 1200 km pilgrimage on foot on the island of Shikoku) in 2014 has been a major source of inspiration. I am intrigued by the rich Japanese culture.

I am 28 years old and I am now in my final year of the (part-time) Teacher in Art Education (DBKV) degree at ArtEZ in Arnhem; I hope to graduate this summer. Presently I work as art teacher at ARTIS-Ateliers, at the Amsterdam Royal Zoo. On a weekly basis, I guide children in making art here, with the animals as their source of inspiration. I find it important to discover the natural world around us with children, and drawing and painting are excellent resources for this purpose. I myself have experienced how nice and enriching it is to work with different materials and techniques. In a society in which children are more and more inside of their houses and behind screens, I think it is important to go out with children and to bring them into contact with physical reality through inspirational works of art. For my graduation project at ArtEZ I made various bird drawings and paintings.

As part of my graduation, I did an internship at Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum in Scotland. The museum works with art in relation to nature. I have set up an education program that focuses on different groups: primary school children, mentally impaired people, and elderly people with dementia. For the children at the elementary school, I developed a lesson program that aimed to take the children outside as much as possible. In this internship, emphasis was put on the theme of landscapes: I developed assignments with different materials and techniques to draw and paint the local landscape in various ways. In this internship, I often had to be quite flexible because it was on a small island where things always went different as planned. I had to improvise a lot, which makes me happy.

Prior to my art teacher education (BKV) I studied cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (BA), and between 2006 and 2007, I studied ceramics at arts and crafts school Capellagården in Sweden.

In 2015, together with two other students, I received the national prize for promising new initatives for the development of a series of lessons. The prize was awarded by Mediacultuur in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

heron and dove